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summer body

Summer Bummer Body Bible

Maya Kokerov

uni article 2

  First 3 days at Uni: 3 perspectives (1)

Maya Kokerov

elle woods 1First 3 days at uni: 3 Perspectives (2)

Jill Lupupa

trying to chill

How To Be Chill

Jill Lupupa

cover uni

First 3 days at Uni: 3 perspectives (3)

Ada Joy

goals handsAttack of the Bouncers

Maya Kokerov

marie cake

Bourgeois on a Budget

Maya Kokerov & Ada Joy

DB1A10FF-87FB-477F-AD18-B5D7B3E85852Working at McDonalds for a Month: Of Grease & Glitter

Ada Joy

hand holding

The Death of Chivalry: Should ‘manners maketh man?’

Kieran Nair

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 05.44.45

Should magazine covers go make-up free?

Jill Lupupa


Bourgeois on a Budget Vol 2

Ada and Maya

15D68EAD-D5F7-4C0F-B0C2-055239108B08De-Bunking Fitness Myths Fast Pt I

Maya Kokerov