How to be chill



People tell me that if I was anymore chill, I would have no pulse.

They’re probably right.

trying to chill

First it should be noted that ‘chill’ is not necessarily equivalent to a person that is laid-back or even lazy. No, a chilled person can be productive, organised and generally put together; the ‘chilled’ part of their persona is likely to relate to the “relaxed or easy-going” state of their nature. You can easily spot a chilled person with relaxed traits that include soft-spoken voices, mellow attitudes and general politeness.

So, if you have ever wished to emulate the art of being chill with tips on the matter, then glance down below.

  1. Spray your face with rose water everyday
  2. Drink herbal tea every morning and night before bed chill tea
  3. Perform calming stretches every evening, such as: the downward dog, a forward lunge/hamstring stretch on each leg, quadriceps stretch by pulling your knee towards your chest whilst laying down, thoracic extension stretch by extending your arms across the floor whilst kneeling down, the lumbar extension and abdominal stretch, and the shoulder rotator stretchstretch
  4. Travel with a pair of earphones for tranquil music at your disposal
  5. Reserve 5 minutes for your thoughts each morning
  6. Take a paintbrush and stir it in a baby blue paint colour for immediate tranquillity  pouring goodness
  7. Always use scented candles when taking a hot bath (avoid a cold one, it will just clash with our already chill nature) petal bath
  8. Take a walk in the closest park or countryside at any time of the day
  9. Incorporate porridge oats into your daily meals (smooth, hot, and calming digestion, need I say more?)

However, there is a down side that comes with the luck of being chilled out.

Running late for a meeting despite starting preparation two hours ago?

Just add on that eyeliner flick, you can’t go out without it.

Have an essay or portfolio due in a week’s time?

Haven’t completed your seminar reading list?

Listen to music and relax at night, you deserve it.

Personally, I have found that my relaxed attitude can clash with my organisation whereby even if I schedule for my long preparation, I can find myself being too optimistic with my timing and stealing minutes in bed.


Being relaxed naturally means that you will enjoy a lie-in or two, but it’s important to make practical choices with this. It’s as simple as this- as a chilled person you know you love your sleep so don’t go to bed after 2 a.m. every night or it can send your whole morning schedule into flux. (And if you don’t have one then you haven’t been taking notes.)

Image Sources:

  • First image- Ege Islekel (Instagram: @egeislekel)
  • Five collage images- Sara Shakeel, collage/video artist (@sarashakeel)
  • Tumblr

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