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Interviews with Artists: Grapefruit Soup

Interviews with Artists: Naila Aroni

Interviews with Artists: Molly Lambourn as Sophie Stokes

                          Graphics Design/Illustrators:

Frankie has designed our MGC Logo and a mascot/illustration of the co-editors/co-founders



                       MGC MODELS & Creatives:

MGC MODELS is a group of diverse, interesting and uniquely beautiful young adults who integrate creativity, charm and wit into the folds of their lives. They will provide a unique insight into our future articles- social issues, art, film, health, fitness and a plethora of other quirky topics. 

Our plan is to develop our photographic content using these new faces by setting up editorial shoots and short films.

Each model comes from a range of backgrounds, cultures and cities and therefore they manifest a distinctive image through their personal styles and interests. 

MGC operates on the belief that everyone has something striking to offer. We are on the hunt for future models and creatives!

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