MGC Podcast ep 8: How to be confident and actually achieve your goals

In this episode, Jill and Maya discuss the real reasons we give up on our goals mid-year and how to stay motivated every month. They also talk about perfectionism, confidence tips, the fear of failure and doing things that align with your ‘higher self’.

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How to achieve your 2023 goals (key tips)

  • Let go of perfectionism. It’s the enemy of progress

  • Let go of outcome-based thinking. Everything is a journey and it’ll take time to see results so stick with what you’re doing; focus on the things you can do daily to get to the goal and stop stressing about the goal itself. It’s the little things that build up to create before and afters. For example, even if you can’t go to the gym all the time, at least move your body a bit every day.

  • Pretend life is a movie or video game and have an ‘and what?’ mentality. So what if something bad happened – everyone is too busy thinking about themselves! Pretend like you’re one of your idols/inspirations and think “what would they do and what would your higher self do?”

  • Try to move through shame and not cringe at your past self. You were doing the best you could at the time with the information you had.

  • Go through your feelings, don’t bury them. Journal or talk to someone you trust.

  • The force yourself method – just show up for yoga, for the gym, for whatever your goals are even if you don’t feel motivated. The hardest step is getting there. Tell yourself that you’ll do that thing for only five minutes, or write only three words on the page and you’ll trick yourself into doing more. 

  • Remember how proud younger you would be of you now – don’t forget your accomplishments.

  • Set those app limits and deny instant gratification – force yourself to create and actually stick to your time limit (tiktok is a black hole).

  • Create a plan for the week on Sundays and do a mini version of this for the next day every night before. Prioritise the most important things on your to do list first

  • Stick to your boundaries – if you’re a people pleaser, try telling the truth and being honest if you don’t want to do something rather than making up an excuse. 

  • Be willing to be uncomfortable and sitting in it. Practice honesty with people and don’t change yourself to fit into a certain box 

  • Don’t wait for New Year to start fresh – if you fail one day, acknowledge this and then forget it. Try to treat every day, week, month and even hour as a fresh start and chance to be your best self

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