Alessandro Michele’s most iconic moments at Gucci

In 2015, Alessandro Michele’s promotion from Head of Accessories at Gucci to Creative Director surprised the fashion industry. On Wednesday, Kering, the French fashion group which owns the Gucci brand, announced his departure.

Michele was responsible for reigniting Gucci’s popularity with younger audiences, fusing an androgynous and modern aesthetic with the heritage pieces and prints of the eponymous brand. In 2017, the name Gucci became synonymous with the term ‘it-brand’, energetically lauded by celebrities, influencers and young (Gen Z and millennial) audiences. Notable wearers include Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, Dakota Johnson, Lana Del Rey and Jodie Turner-Smith.

His eclectic prints and signature double G designs helped almost triple revenue at the time but, since 2017, it has been steadily declining. As Kering’s flagship brand, pressures on Gucci are high to maintain sales, popularity and cool factor.

Perhaps it really is time for a creative change. Fashion is ephemeral and ever evolving. Nevertheless, we want to take a moment to highlight some of Michele’s most iconic looks after seven notable years at the Italian power house.

A/W 18 collection

Post-human replicas of models’ heads and large baby dragons that scream Shrek – in the best way possible – acted as a comment on the way we construct and transform our identities through fashion, social media, cosmetic surgery and technology.

Beyonce 2018 Formation video

Although it screams 2018, this was certainly a moment that inspired hypebeast trends and flooded social media.

S/S 23 Twinsburg Collection

A fellow proponent of Gemini rights, we salute you Alessandro.

Harry Styles. That’s the tweet.

We love him, but we’re also owed an apology for the all the f*ckboys in pearl necklaces that have spawned as a result of Styles’ signature look.

Gucci Vault

Embracing vintage and recycled materials, Alessandro created an extraordinary brand narrative with the Gucci Vault collection and its exclusive releases. Every era is trendy right now, in the eclectic post-modern world of fashion. The designer is particularly fond of seventies retro elegance though.

Celebrating gender fluidity

Alessandro’s impact on menswear has been groundbreaking, inspiring freedom in the choice of silks, satins, skirts, short shorts, dresses, vivid colours and delicate patterns. He’s not the first designer to do so but he’s certainly one of the biggest.

Gucci Guilty campaign

Featuring familiar American scenarios, filmed in Los Angeles, the two play individuals who live and love outside of social conformism to embody the Gucci fragrances. Lana looks beautiful as ever in the retro green dress and chunky accessories. Jared Leto is also there but we don’t talk about him.


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