Poetry Anthology: ‘Wilting Dahlia’

Is love a reciprocation

or a walking vessel of affirmation?

one side but mirrored in the thirst

for pretty words

and desperate caresses

bringing exultation, ejaculation, exorcism

from the grey back and forth of

what we call reality.

Once you hear validation from the lips

of someone who knows you so fully

every spectacle that your body’s been

contorted into, every facial expression

from pathetic tears to pleasure

you can’t help but want more

unsatiated until the next praise

telling you you’re better

making you feel special

in your ponytails and strawberry lips

looking up at the ceiling

above that only sky.

It’s an addiction.

Is love a reciprocation

or is it narcissistic humiliation


We’re pleased to announce that we’re starting a new series celebrating poetry!

To kick off our Poetry Anthology, we’re feature this poem from one of our editors.

Submit your poetry to mygoddesscomplex@outlook.com!


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