‘Sweep The Temple’ by Peter Page


I can only imagine                                                                                                                                 how the chaos of the Universe might look                                                                                   without sex binding us to Earth.


We, as matter, are in a cycle, unaware,                                                                                       observing our civilization                                                                                                                  like an animal observes the wild,                                                                                                       watching energy surge without source.


Women channel the world into themselves,                                                                                    as, for them, God grows from the world;                                                                                     God is She whose dominion She carries.


Men discriminate between gravities,                                                                                             as, for them, God is master of the world;                                                                                    God is He who carries His dominion.
Narcissus found a deathly balance                                                                                       between the mirror and the rose.                                                                                             Between him and the two poles                                                                                                       Stand souls at every step,


But on their own, nobody truly Knows,                                                                                         As we grow from the to and fro;                                                                                                          As the next step to God is Unity .


But the Cosmos suggests a Unity so large                                                                                     that we could never understand                                                                                                        as Atlas stands under Earth.
The epistemic distance stares us in the face.


The knowledge men possess:                                                                                                                         Is the reward for achieving power,                                                                                                   Is a reflection of the world they master,


and from a bigger world, a bigger God may grow.
Growth is knowledge consuming us.
By this assembly of order,                                                                                                                the path to our little God is paved.


Just so, in a world too dense to navigate,                                                                                           the collective corpus knows when to kill itself off.


All conflicting sects                                                                                                                         build towards the perfect orgasm;                                                                                                 the divine conception.


We are animal slaves; reality is cruel.                                                                                               Time, also, is unbearably cruel;                                                                                                          that we cannot immortalize The Moment,                                                                                      that is true cruelty.


Unless all of time is a single movement,                                                                                       The Cosmic Moment, immortalized                                                                                                 As a cycle we build ourselves upon.


Suffering teaches simplicity as truth,                                                                                               failure is replaced with success,                                                                                                       and thus people are encoded,                                                                                                              and thus the world is deflected.


The quest for total dominion                                                                                                              is to see and reflect through every mirror of reality,                                                                     And to plant a seed in every temple.


I believe you could judge every person                                                                                            by this standard of truth, and find them where they are lost                                                   beneath the ocean of this world.


Artist and Poet Peter Page granted us the privilege of creating a beautiful piece based on ‘woman worship’, specifically for My Goddess Complex.

Look out for this original art in our first ever zine (will be handed out on Warwick Campus) and you can request a free zine from us via our emails (maya.kokerov@gmail.com). More info coming soon…


He is a final year student at Warwick University and has written and illustrated for many publications, including the creative writing magazine Patchwork.

The illustration is composed using The Virgin of Guadalupe (Dali) and an Atlas bearing the world.

He is the creator of Bricked, a new innovative zine which you can get on Etsy for cheap (only £4 and free UK delivery)- full of original artwork and poetry by his truly, it is a one man operation based in Coventry. All his zines are hand made and cut individually! Make sure to order one ASAP:


Follow his Instagram: brickedforever


And his writing account: aerialshroud



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