Royal Wedding: intrigue or dismiss?

From the gospel choir, the enchanting laced vail, the intimate laughs shared between bride and groom, to the minuscule angels (sorry, children) that carried her train… Meghan and Harry’s wedding wasn’t a stone away from a modern day fairytale.

Meghan wore a Givenchy bridal grown but the long veil was the true spectacle, finished with sharp lace edges weighed down by the elegant crown on her head. The bride looked simply beautiful with simple make-up, a smart up-do, doe-eyed and a gleaming smile from ear to ear. Although all eyes were on Meghan, her mother (Doria) also commanded some attention with her pastel green number, proud dreadlocks, and a charming nose ring which was apparently the first time a wedding guest had donned one to a Royal wedding, unsurprisingly. doria

A magnificent castle setting at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor completed the fairytale image that comes with the Royals and the story of how the bride and groom met.

The star-studded guests drew plenty of media interest with couples such as George and Amal Clooney, Victoria and David Beckham, Carrie Mulligan and Marcus Mumford, Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian and many more. While Idris Elba looked suitably dashing hand in hand with his fiancé, Oprah Winfrey looked beautiful in a slimming and body-hugging pink dress.

Amal Clooney looked the best dressed in a glowing yellow gown accessorised with a matching chic hat to pair. Along the best dressed was also Priyanka Chopra, who always manages to look graceful and elegant in a red lip, appearing in a periwinkle suit and classy diamond earrings. Sofia Wellesley, James Blunt’s wife, donned ditsy florals suitable for the summer day and fitting the uplifting atmosphere of the ceremony itself.

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Some people may not be interested in the nuptials which is completely fine, I mean it should be a private affair between loved one’s. But people seem to have an issue with the Royals based on the idea that the taxpayer’s money has gone towards the $4. billion cost of the wedding; however, this is not true. food bands

The wedding was funded by the Royal heritage and through private funding, and this includes Meghan’s Givenchy bridal gown too.

Besides the outfits of the day, the ceremony itself was plainly moving. Regardless of whether you’re a ‘royalist’/’monarchist’ or not, or just didn’t think you’d be bothered about the day (like myself), the ceremony was still beautiful to watch two people so besotted with one another that it moved the whole crowd.

Reverend Michael Curry, visiting from the States, gave a powerful sermon after the first Priest, preaching on love and the fire that sources everything in the world. His words and movements alone were enough to lift the atmosphere and keep it all light-hearted and natural, as the press imagined the bride and groom wished for. Later on Sky News, the Reverend even remarked that he could see from the verbal and non-verbal interactions between the newly Duke and Duchess of Sussex that they were in love – not just a sentimental or selfish love but a “love that will change the world” through their shared passion of humanitarian efforts.

Sheku-Kanneh Mason playing the cello was enchanting and serene as the day could be. Mason won the BBC Young Musician in 2016 and played the guests, as well as viewers at home, into a trance. sheku-kanneh-mason-royal-wedding-1526733714The inclusion of a black gospel choir sweetly singing Stand By Me, and the children and adult male choir singing angelically helped stir up tears of joy at the pinnacle moment of the bride and groom being wed.

No matter our cynicisms, it’s beautiful to share a moment of love, spoken word and hymns that bear good news and all in all provide some type of collective optimism.

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