Discovering new music artists

Stumbling across new musicians you like is simply one of the best things in life. Sometimes you discover you like a genre you didn’t expect to, and you see your musical preferences broadening a little more each time. Other times you might discover that you have a bias to tracks that heavily incorporate a certain instrument in them; mine’s the bass.


My favourite way of finding a new artist to get into is through two alleyways: Spotify and YouTube. Spotify suggested tracks are almost spot on 90% of the time, for example, if you’re listening to a symph-loving Mac DeMarco, you might hear a hazy HOMESHAKE play next on shuffle. Spotify also put together a ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist for every listener based on everything they play. This playlist is mostly effective in that it can also include artists you listen to but with songs you haven’t heard yet. Similarly, YouTube will suggest videos of songs similar to the artists you’re listening to which can open a whole can of worms (me with old Coldplay circa 2011).

“I was listening to Daniel Caesar’s Freudian album in the early hours of 3 a.m., and Lord knows that man can sing”

In this case, it was Spotify and my own curiosity that led me to discover the soulful Canadian artist, Charlotte Day Wilson. I was listening to Daniel Caesar’s Freudian album in the early hours of 3 a.m., and Lord knows that man can sing, when the song Transform kept repeating. Wilson happens to feature on this track and what with it being almost daybreak and very quiet, all the songs I heard before kind of sounded different, and somehow better. Either way the melancholic undertones of a voice draped in velvet was just too entrancing that the artist’s catalogue deserved a listen.

Work – Soulful, the words slumber and silky come to mind. The video itself is a form of simplistic genius, having different faces and types of people go down an escalator with just three appearances of the artist herself.

After All is finely tuned, echoed and sombre. The resonating yet deep, brassy tones in Wilson’s soulful voice are akin to London Grammer, backed up by a light synth and jazzy bass.

Find You is harmonised, well-crafted and celestial. With lyrics that end with “swallow up the sins that hide you”, a gift of releasing a lover of their burden.

Wilson’s debut six-track album CDW was released in August 2016.


The artist’s latest single, Doubt, was released at the start of November as the artist, dubbed as an intermix of R&B and soul, finds her way onto more and more playlists.


Here’s the beautiful, completely underrated song that let me discover Charlotte Day Wilson.

Image Sources:

-Twitter (@cdaydreamz)




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