5 underrated artists to listen to

Steve Lacy

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Leaning to the sultry and seductive, high but mellow tones of music, Steve Lacy is a young artist to be watched. Hailing from music group The Internet, the nineteen-year-old takes classic R&B and mixes it with a dingy bassline and the occasional synth, tapping into multiple audiences that stretch to the dream pop fans. With a voice that may easily earn him the title of the ‘new Pharrell Williams circa N*E*R*D’, Lacy is definitely one to keep tabs on.

Ryd / Dark Red ~ Chill vibes all around.

C U Girl ~ Can you believe he recorded his demo album on his phone? Imagine what his talent can produce in a whole studio.

Looks ~ Those jazzy vibes are everything.

Jars of It



Described as rock but seemingly dream pop synth magic for the ears, the Liverpool duo are new on the scene with drowsy vocals and enigmatic instrumentals. Her’s seem to have the power to create time-jumps with their eclectic sound which in most places is reminiscent of a vivacious 80’s period.

Speed Racer

I’ll Try ~ Especially here for the cinematic whispering in French.

Dorothy ~ “Don’t say that you think, that they know”, you know?

What Once Was ~ Ode to the 80’s.

Mir Fontane


A mix of chill hip hop and heart-thudding beats, the up and coming artist, Mir Fontane, makes songs that tell a story. Fontane’s 2016 album Who’s Watching the Kids and newly-released Camden EP seem to be hugely slept on with fire stopping beats and lyrics befitting for downstairs Smack (@Leamington Spa students). With a natural voice a-tune to the likes of Auto Tuner T-Pain and Kanye West, you may have to keep an eye out for Fontane rising in the ranks as his songs start to gain more recognition.

Down by the River ~ “Raised in the CMD streets”

Still in the Hood ~ “Ooh Ooh”

Damon Wayans ~ $$$

Frank Ocean

Rejjie Snow

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The Irish hip hop artist and producer brings chill, nostalgic vibes to listeners with piano notes and highly-strung guitars intermixed to create his urban sound. Even the videos below are maturely put together creating an 80’s video game, downtown American aesthetic from the Dublin artist.

Pink Beetle


Yellow Days

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King Krule fans get your earphones out. Yellow Days is the teenage solo artist George van den Broek bringing raspy, elongated, crispy fine vocals to his Harmless Melodies EP. A voice like this accompanied by the hum drum instrumentals of the synth, bass and drums, paint a romanticised ideal of a sort of daytime dream world.

Key songs that will take you there: A Little While, Gap in the Clouds, People, Outro (Baked in the Sunshine).

Harmless Melodies Full EP

(All images source: Tumblr)


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