Which Goddess are you?

To complete this quiz, answer each question and write down which option describes you best. At the end of the quiz check whether you chose mostly A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s or E’s to see which Greek goddess you are.

Question 1: 

How would you spend your perfect weekend?

a) Practicing a skill or working on a project

b) Spending time with friends or family, or resting

c) Clothes shopping and doing make-up looks

d) Doing a part-time job to earn money and dog walking for others

e) Doing something adventurous: skydiving, climbing a mountain, open water swimming

Question 2:

Choose your favourite animal:

Question 3:

Pick your favourite outfit:

Question 4:

What do you most want to be doing in 10 years?

a) Own your own successful business

b) Have a positive impact on the community through charity work and volunteering

c) Still partying with friends and travelling

d) With a happy family and maybe pets

e) In a job that protects society: the police, army, national security

Question 5:

Where would you most like to live?

Question 6:

Choose an item:

Question 7:

In a disagreement are you more likely to:

a) Agree to disagree

b) Avoid conflict by changing the subject

c) Try to understand the other opinion and look for a middle ground

d) Explain your opinion then change the subject

e) Don’t back down, you know you are right


Mostly A’s: Nike

Image: 5 Fierce Greek Goddesses You Should Know More About via Pinterest

As someone who embodies Nike, you have a strong sense of self-belief and motivation. You never stop learning and you care about achieving good results. You are grateful for the people around you and raise the bar for others by setting goals, accepting criticism and staying resilient until you achieve. You have inner strength and you will surely find success, however you define it.

Nike is the goddess of speed, strength and victory. Nike is often depicted as winged and carrying a wreath, palm branch or Hermes’ staff to symbolise her role as the messenger of victory. In fact, she has even been recognised as a mediator between humankind and the gods. Nike represents success in all aspects of life and not just in battle.

Mostly B’s: Hebe

Image: Olympus Portrait Invitational lll via Pinterest

As Hebe you are compassionate and attentive. Your dependable and trustworthy personality has helped you to create strong relationships and your kindness will not be forgotten by the people you have helped. You work hard and go through with your commitments, and even though you’re not in the spotlight yet, other people see your qualities and you are definitely not unnoticed. 

Hebe is the goddess of youth. Hebe was known for her beauty and it’s been said that the Greeks believed that youth could be achieved through her blessing. She worked as the cupbearer of the gods, who served food and drinks at the heavenly feast, and she was married to Heracles who was the Gatekeeper of Olympus.

Mostly C’s: Aphrodite

Like Aphrodite you are comfortable in your own skin. Your self-confidence, open-mindedness and happiness makes people feel comfortable and makes you somebody people like being around. You have lots of potential and you won’t be tied down or boxed in. You want to keep learning, doing things you love and meeting new people and because of this you’ll thrive in whatever you do.

Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Known for her perfect facial symmetry and irresistible beauty, Aphrodite has also been called Pandemos which means “of all the people” because even gods could not resist her. Aphrodite was respected as a goddess of war in some parts of Greece and was also revered as a goddess of the sea. Symbols associated with her include swans, a shell, roses, myrtles, pomegranates and doves. 

Mostly D’s: Demeter

Image: Ceres Goddess via Pinterest

Like Demeter you are loyal and consistent. You take on responsibilities – in your job, with your family, as a pet owner – and when you carry them out, you do them well. You are naturally giving and you fight for the people you love. You are hardworking and don’t give up after trying something once. Because of this you are resilient and this will make you stronger in all parts of life. You are a realist and don’t expect things to be handed to you, but like to help others whenever you can. 

Demeter is the goddess of grain and agriculture and was one of the first twelve Olympians. In Greek mythology Demeter is most famous for being the mother of Persephone. The story goes that Hades (the Lord of the Underworld) fell in love with Persephone and lured her away while she gathered flowers with her friends. When her mother, Demeter, found out, she was devastated and started to look for Persephone. Soon Demeter found out that some of the gods had seen and approved of Hades’ kidnapping – including Zeus. So Demeter left Mount Olympus and went to Earth to grieve among mortals. Demeter had a temple built in her honour on Earth, but spent a year inside only grieving and neglecting her responsibilities as the goddess of agriculture and fertility. Because of this, the Earth was barren and there was famine. Zeus tried to console her but eventually realised that to save humans he would have to bring Persephone back to her mother. A compromise was struck so that Persephone could spend two-thirds of the year with Demeter and one-third of the year with Hades. The third of the year that Persephone is with Hades when Demeter grieves and this corresponds with the winter months on Earth. Spring and summer arrive when Persephone returns and Demeter is happy.

Mostly E’s: Athena

Image: Pallas Athena, Jan Styka via Pinterest

Like Athena you are a good communicator and can de-escalate any tense situation. You can multitask and are committed to excellence. You are a good leader and a good follower, and you are always assertive and driven. You are the kind of person who people can rely on and because of this people will trust you to do things well. Even though you are a protector, you are calm and always try to be fair, treating people respectfully and equally. Athena is the goddess of wisdom and war, and is also less well known for being the goddess of: arts, crafts, skill, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, courage and mathematics. Athena has been described as ruthless and unforgiving. She turned Arachne (a mortal weaver) into a spider after she angered Athena by insulting her and the Olympian gods. However, Athena also protected civilized life as the guardian of Athens and embodied rational thought.








Words by Anjula Nathan

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